Angela Jones, Jeweler and Artist

Angela's jewelry encompasses her interests in astronomy, botany, the interplay of negative and positive space, and the entire spectrum of color. “I don't think I could ever tire of working with these themes,” said Ms. Jones. “ Sometimes I use just one in a piece, but more often I'll use two or even three. This works better for me, and I think it results in more interesting jewelry.”

Additionally, her work reflects her ethos: elegance, endurance, and affordability. “People wear jewelry for many reasons - but I make jewelry for people to look beautiful wearing, and for people to enjoy. I also make jewelry that lasts - it's no fun to have a necklace that falls apart the third time you wear it, or to lose a ring's stone down the drain.”

The materials she choses reflect each of her concerns. While silver is her metal of choice, she often works with niobium and sometimes gold.

She has no limits when it comes to gems. “I love all of them. I don't understand how anyone could confine themselves to the expensive gems seen in traditional jewelers' shops, when so many beautiful stones are out there. I find that the more esoteric stones often look better on clients and they're more affordable too. My clients like them too; many have signature stones.”

Ms. Jones spends time at her bench every day when she's home. “I love the work and it's how I earn a living - but it's very difficult to think of it as a job.” And when she's not working, sometimes she eats donuts.