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American Gem Society - Birthstones

Which birthstone is yours?


Lapidary Journal: Jewelry Artist

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist leads aspiring jewelry makers through the creative world of metalsmithing, stone setting, finishing, and so much more.


Ornament covers all aspects of jewelry and beads, wearable art and costume.


Steve Meltzer

Steve photographs my work and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Many of the photos on this site are his. For over twenty-five years, Steve has photographed the work of artists and craftspeople for jury submissions and publication. He specializes in difficult subjects such as jewelry, glass and other glossy objects and is the photography columnist for Art Calendar and Crafts Report magazines.

Margaret Organ-Kean

Better known as a whimsical watercolor painter, Margaret will, for select clients, design their websites.


Reactive Metals

Reactive Metals carries niobium, titanium, mokumé-gane, shakudo, shibuichi, findings, beads, welders, and tools.

Rio Grande

An extensive array of tools, equipment and supplies for the jeweler.